Online Library 


The Lutheran Spokesman — The CLC’s monthly magazine. (archive)
The Journal of Theology — A quarterly theological magazine. (archive)
Sermons on the Web  (The CLC’s “Ministry By Mail”).
God’s Hand in Our Lives — The CLC Sunday School Series.
Learn From Me — An adult instruction/information class.
The CLC Bookhouse — Online source for Christian books and products.


Introduction to the CLC  —  A short and concise introduction to our Church Body.

A History of the CLC — also shows the differences between the CLC and other Lutherans.


CLC Statement of Faith and Purpose  —  A small pamphlet that briefly and simply explains some of our doctrinal positions. 

The Brief Statement of 1932 — A short summary of our beliefs, originally created and adopted by the LCMS in 1932, and still adheared to by the CLC.
Concerning Church Fellowship (CCF) –Our statement on the important Scriptural principle of Church Fellowship.
Concerning Church and Ministry (CCM) — Our statement on the Relation of Synod and Local Congregation to the Holy Christian Church.


Understanding our Faith — A series of bulletin articles originally written by former CLC president, Daniel Fleischer.

An Ongoing Need: Educating Our Children For The Real World — A booklet which shows the importance of Christian education.
A Closer Look For Those Who Are ConcernedA trace of the historical background behind the spread of unionism within American Lutheranism and how this led to the formation of the CLC (See also “The Leprosy of Unionism”).
The Leprosy of Unionism – A tract written in 1918 regarding the practice of unionism.
Means of Grace – A tract which shows from Scripture the importance of the Means of Grace.
Praise God the Holy Ghost – A tract that shows how the Holy Ghost is one of the three Persons of God. It also clarifies what great blessings the Holy Ghost bestows upon believers.
The Problem of the Isolated Believer – A booklet which is aided to instruct and comfort those who are isolated in the sense that they are a great distance away from a confessional church.
The Shepherd Kindly Calls – A tract that brings the Gospel message in very brief and simple sentences.
WELS and CLC – What’s the Difference?  Explains why the CLC and the Wisconsin Synod are not in fellowship.